1800 Highway 13 West
Burnsville, MN, 55337
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Private Property Lot Management

With our private property towing services, no matter where you are, we can get there to tow your vehicle. With a team of trusted and experienced towing experts, you can be sure that you are using a fully reliable towing service that will have your vehicle at its required destination in no time.

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Contract Towing 

We offer private contract towing services for things such as private buildings and apartment blocks. These services mean that any vehicle that is owned by a member of the apartment or building will have the full and comprehensive services of Captain Towing at their disposal whenever the need may arise. All towed vehicles are stored in a secure lot equipped with camera monitoring that will offer safe and secure storage 24/7.


1800 Highway 13 West
Burnsville, MN, 55337

Office & Release Hours

Mon-Fri: 8AM – 5PM
Sat-Sun/Holidays: 10AM – 12PM
24/7 Emergency Services

Captain Towing Private Property Services

1. Unauthorized Vehicle Removal:
At Captain Towing we specialize in the swift and safe removal of improperly parked or trespassing vehicles from your premises.

2. 24/7 Towing Availability:
Day or night, Captain Towing stands ready to assist with all emergency towing needs.

3. Resident Parking Solutions:
We offer tailored permit systems with many types or permits and colors to choose from. We also provide signage to distinguish designated resident and guest parking areas.

4. Customized Towing Signage:
Benefit from our high-quality signage installation that clearly communicates parking rules, deterring potential violator, and notifying guests that the property does have a towing company at their disposal.

5. Trespass Towing Expertise:
Trust in our skilled team for the removal of vehicles obstructing garages, dumpsters, fire lanes, and other no-parking zones.

6. Secure Vehicle Storage:
Captain Towing provides monitored storage facilities, ensuring towed vehicles remain safeguarded until retrieval.

7. Photo Documentation:
Our transparent process includes photo evidence capturing each vehicle’s violation prior to towing, safeguarding property owners.

8. Professional Service Guaranteed:
The Captain Towing team is dedicated to delivering respectful and efficient interactions, minimizing potential disputes.

9. Comprehensive Liability Coverage:
With Captain Towing, rest easy knowing we are fully licensed and insured, offering robust protection against potential claims.

For inquiries or to enlist our top-notch services, please contact us today.

Ensuring a hassle-free towing experience for property managers and owners is our pledge.

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